About Us

Our Mission
To build responsible leaders who live honorably with their family, their friends and their faith in Jesus Christ

Troop Information
BSA Troop 12 is a uniquely Christ centered troop based on cooperative leadership principals.  Each parent has a significant part to play, as they are able, drawing upon their strengths, skills and interests, to give their son, as well as many other boys, a measure of what God has given to them. Our sons need that!  For example, parents are encouraged to assist in troop leadership giving Troop 12 a high ratio of leaders to scouts.  Parents are also encouraged to become Merit Badge Counselors in order to share their strengths, skills and interests.

Parents will lead by giving their boys a SLICE of life, strengthening...

          Skills to do well in the many facets of life.
          Love through laughter, interest, time and expression
          Independence through choices and challenging activities
          Character by applying spiritual principles in daily living
          Extension of the Scouting experience to other boys and parents